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Zhejiang billion to washing machines, Ltd is committed to the development of all kinds of industrial equipment, production and sales to provide customers with complete solutions for cleaning challenges. Introduced abroad equipment, specifically into produced has clean equipment career Department, main production, and sales wash to machine, and automatic wash to machine, and driving type wash to machine, and hand push type wash to machine, and automatically wash to machine, and industrial wash to machine, and multifunctional wash to machine, and into products wash to machine, and sweep machine, and automatic wash to sucking dry to machine, and commercial with sucking dust device, and industrial sucking dust device, and wet and dry dual-use sucking dust device, and power sucking dust device, and blow sucking dual-use sucking dust device, and 380V sucking dust device, and 380V wet and dry dual-use sucking dust device, and industrial machine supporting sucking dust equipment, and sucking dust equipment, and Dust removal system, industrial vacuums absorbing water machine!

also according to customer field environment for customer professional cleaning equipment.

products are widely used in factories, businesses, hotels, hospital, port terminals, petroleum, electric power, railway, municipal engineering, chemical industry, environmental protection industry, aviation industry, metal manufacture, offshore drilling platforms, automobile manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, military and other fields.

in order to provide users with high quality cleaning equipment and after-sales service, Hangzhou has established a dedicated product display and storage centers, maintenance centers, in addition to maintaining adequate machine and accessories inventory, ready to meet the user's needs, can also provide information such as product demos, sales training and professional maintenance and after-sales service.

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