Service commitment
Billion to washing machine Service Department receives "the respect for the customer," God "gratified, minimize customers losses" principle of service, sincere customer service, customer satisfaction is our working standard. For million to washing machine users enjoy their rights, please read the following terms and conditions.
1, million washing machines will uphold the enthusiastic, polite, conscientious, correct answer customer questions.
2, million washing machines for user consultation will reply within 6 hours.
3, and products quality of complaints will in 24 hours within sent maintenance; non-products quality of complaints, can according to customer complaints reason and requirements, in 24 hours within to out processing views;
4, and billion can wash to machine on by sale products monthly at least a times of visit;
service content
1, and sale Qian service: billion can wash to machine business personnel for user provides sale Qian advisory service. According to the customer needs of the business, for the user to select a value for the most reasonable model.
2, and sale in the service: billion can wash to machine perennial has sufficient supply, billion can service personnel can in received user ordered notice, understand by needed products specifications model, confirmed supply time and the locations Hou, first time for user free served products
3, and after-sales service: billion can wash to machine for user established set track system, on user repair, and maintenance personnel door maintenance, and service visit, for real-time track, to service perfect. Billion to washing machines to provide regular maintenance, free for user to test equipment operation, and instruct the user to correct use of the machine, answer user questions.
service policy
1. warranty term:
① billion can wash to machine products lifelong warranty;
II billion can wash to machine products user enjoy not below national guarantees provides of repair term: repair term within, for user provides free service; repair term outside, according to billion can wash to machine products unified of charges standard for user provides paid service;
2, and warranty period interpretation:
warranty period warranty refers to guarantee maintenance of mean, that user purchase has billion can wash to machine products Billion guarantee to repair the product after washing machine for sale. Warranty refer to billion to three packs of commitment period by the washing machine, free service within this period; Pack warranty is more than billion to washing machine promises outside of warranty period the warranty period, national warranty requirements the time within which the user must pay maintenance materials and spare parts.
3, and repair voucher:
in guarantees provides within warranty term of billion can wash to machine products appeared fault, user must by purchased goods invoice and products warranty certificate handle warranty, and needed repair products number with warranty certificate Shang of products number must consistent, as no invoice, and warranty certificate is to products number projections warranty term, as both full no is user not enjoy free service, but commitment for user provides paid service, according to billion can wash to machine products of unified charges standard to user charged maintenance fee and accessories fee.
4, and not applies and the limit:
is following situation one of who, not enjoy free "guarantees":
① customer for using, and maintenance, and custody improper caused damaged of;
II privately split moving or repair caused damaged of;
③ no guarantees voucher and the effective invoice of;
II guarantees voucher Shang of model and commodity model inconsistent or altered of;
⑤ for not resist force caused damaged of; above situation, commitment for user provides paid service.
normal when you need consulting or maintenance, you can phone billion to washing machine company or Office or reseller in your area.
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