Fully automatic washing machine features

Characteristics of fully automatic washing machines
first, clean and dry surface.
, battery automatic floor cleaning machine, machine, little scope of activities without restriction, is easy to operate.
c, smart charger can be used in any voltage (110V, 220V, 240v), preventing voltage instability and inconsistent charging of problems.
d, button, switch, equipped with red and green lights, functional designs, the use of low cost and low maintenance costs.
v, tank design, and provides operators with the water glass tank. VI stainless steel suction Grill layering, aesthetics, corrosion-resistant, absorbent chops fast disassembly and Assembly, without the use of tools.
seven installation solenoid valve, water supply system, to prevent leakage.
VIII, the brush can be completed with the brush and scouring pads, depending on the ground at will to change.
full-automatic washing machine 2000-10000 square meters per hour, you can order for special equipment according to your area, Qingdao billion electrical and mechanical equipment co, Ltd can provide cleaning width: 450cm, 510cm,660cm, 850cm,
the same width of the washing machine, a 450cm washing machine, can be cleaned of 1800 square meters per hour, the equivalent of 8 workload of the labour , Fully automatic washing machine for a variety of different surfaces, and in narrow spaces, definitely not stay cleaning corners, greatly improving efficiency.
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