Washing machine maintenance

The daily maintenance of the washing machine:
speed of China's industrial development is obvious to all, the rapid development of global industry optimistic about China's big birthday cake. Development of any industry has its positive aspects as well as negative.
using the correct way of using the washing machine's lifespan is greatly affected, routine maintenance is necessary for professional washing machines, these machines using water every day or upon completion of cleaning tasks for simple maintenance operations.
the following is necessary for washing machine maintenance procedures:
1, check the suction Grill is clean.
  2, use a dry cloth and machine body plate (outside, bottom) wipes clean.
  3, cleaning connections water suction pipe, even partial blockage may also reduce the suction effect.
4, should put the machine in a dry and ventilated place, avoid wet conditions affect the motor and shorten the life.
  5, cleaning water absorption strainer, sometimes some sediments so as to weaken the sucking effect, use the flow of water cleaning filters.
  6, empty the water tank, especially when not cleaning every day, no flow of water will become a source of bacteria.
  7, regularly check the suction filters sometimes filter will be blocked because of water impurities, thus in the process of cleaning the ground, affecting the outflow of water.
  8, checked weekly brush grilled wear and water absorption, if the ground is extremely abrasive and powerful pressure on the ground will damage them or make them wear faster.
  9, after using drain cleaner tank, tank and a half box of water continues to drain off completely clean water tank valve detergent crystals, or will affect caused by water or leaks.
  10, empty and clean the recovery tank, in the course of operation, machine drawing water mixtures containing sludge, they are extremely easy to build up in the tank and an unpleasant smell, so the flow of water is necessary to clean the water tank.
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