Battery maintenance and maintenance of washing machine

Battery care and maintenance washing machine:
    battery broadly divided into wet and dry two, dry battery (without a lid can be opened to add water) generally do not maintain, new battery needs to be replaced about two years. Wet cell batteries don't usually pay attention to the battery the scale of water let it tick marks tick marks below the minimum or above the maximum, plus batteries add liquid if not enough water or distilled water (battery car boutique stores or are on sale) do not add liquid to prevent excessive concentrations, when not in use for a long time and then enabled when battery is fully charged before use.

1, the batteries initial use of the washing machine, three times before charging time should be more than 14 hours after full. Normal charging time of about 8 hours, if used for high current battery charging time may be short, but high current will damage the battery life. Can choose a day when charging, disconnect the charger at work the next day. Battery charge after full charge the battery charger will automatically stop.
2, washing machine is the battery once every ten days or so surface, such as surface close to the lead plates (plate cannot be exposed to the air), and should be in time for the battery to add distilled water (supermarket on sale), add water to about 3 mm from the plastic below the mouth, against adding tap water, pure water or battery fluid.
3, battery water washing machine should be carried out after the battery charging is completed.
4, each using the best battery remained characteristically have left more than excessive discharge can affect battery life.
5, discharged batteries should be charged within 24 hours, otherwise it will damage the battery.
6, washing machine good contact when charging the battery make sure the power outlet, plugs and battery charger plug is good.
7, long washing machine battery when not in use, should be once every three months for battery recharging.
8, washing machine electric poles and wires connector if the oxides should be cleared in a timely manner.
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