Three main aspects of purchasing suitable for washing machine

Now market Shang of wash to machine, type range, so how select a paragraph for of wash to machine does, following Qingdao chuan billion electromechanical equipment limited to detailed for you introduced about...
a, and purchase wash to confidential grasp practical principles:
wash to machine style, and automation degree, and manufacturer, and used of process, and accessories, and domestic also is imports also is joint venture production,, this many of elements led to has wash to machine Zhijian difference not small. We have to buy the product experience, expanding with the desire to forget often rational consumption, began in 2008 financial tsunami affected many industries, businesses and all aspects of our lives, it is recommended that buyers keep a clear and pragmatic awareness of procurement.
II, quality focus rule:
washing machine than any other daily consumer goods, although the price is not very high, but it's definitely not cheap. Procurement is often used for large-area floor cleaning, and quality are the elements must be taken into account. Domestic washing machine brand, the price is relatively low and accessories worn to maintain the replacement, and affordable, only very few is of insufficient quality, after all, a penny stock. Foreign brands are entering the domestic washing machine market and let people pick the eyes, are of fairly good quality, fly in the ointment is the price very high. How should we do? A good option is to target joint venture washing machine, quality guaranteed price is really a lot, they tend to be the most cost-effective option.
three, pay attention to whether the after-sales service center or service station:
buy washing machine when you tend to be "strong" party. Merchant to sell a product, a considerable degree of catering to your needs, in any case, please note whether there are service center or service station, or when your product is in use for some time if you need to repair or replacement parts, you know the feeling of cutting meat.
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