Washing machine operation points for attention

Handling precautions
washing machine, washing machine are best handled by the specified operator, read the washing machine manual before operation.
II, and in needed cleaning of regional within, first for preliminary of cleaning, ensure the cleaning regional within no big of particles debris, currently market Shang of wash to machine are also not has cleaning function, big of debris will effect wash to machine sucking water effect (debris will effect wash to machine sucking water grilled and ground of sealed sex, sealed not strict will led to sucking water not completely).
three, if there is oil in the water some degreasing agent (an ordinary cleaner alternatives).   Increase the cleaning effect of washing.
four, usually when the brush is in up position, don't start the brush motor, or the brush will be automatically removed. 
five, according to the chosen brush for cleaning pad. VI after the end of each job, to washing machine an external wipe clean with dry and wet cloth; sewage effluent in the tank empty, then add water to rinse; for every assignment you want to recharge the;
seven, if you stop using for a long time, batteries to ensure a regular charge to prevent battery loss. Clean the water tank, water tank and open the cover to dry dry.
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